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artist portfolios

Matt Baer Design doesn't want cash to stop you from getting on the internet. That's why we're accepting barter for our web development services.

We are currently offering an Artist Portfolio website package that lets you upload your work and manage the website yourself, no programming required.

the site

A site to showcase your work, whether paintings, photography, or other art.

Each site includes a custom design that we work with you to develop. This is built on top of the admin control panel that allows you to instantly and easily make updates to your site.


Our preference is a pure trade: services for goods. We would love to get original artwork made by you.

On the technical side, custom domains (e.g. and hosting costs will vary depending on your needs. We can discuss these when starting on your website.

If you'd prefer not to barter, but would still like the artist portfolio package, we'll accept payment in part-barter/part-cash or just cash (payable by check or credit card).


Coming soon


If you're interested in a portfolio website, please open the conversation with questions, ideas, and link(s) to your work hosted elsewhere, like on Facebook or Flickr.